Easy Mix Concrete

Easy Mix Concrete is a mix of high-quality Portland cement, specially graded sands and aggregate formulated for easy trowelling and finishing.    A convenient pre-blended mix that is superb for applications that require a smooth, quality finish such as small slabs, paths, footings and garden edges – simply add water.

Qualities are:

  • Produced from high quality and consistent blend of sand, cement and aggregates
  • Ideal for most concreting applications

How to Lay a Concrete Path

Product Availability

20kg Bags
30kg Bags
48 bags per pallet and mixed pallets are available.


Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
How to Lay a Slab flyer

Please contact the Easy Mix team for more information.

Available in weather resistant waterproof packaging in Bunnings throughout Queensland.



Easy Mix Concrete
Suggested Applications
  • Slabs
  • Pathways
  • BBQ bases
  • Garden edging
Coverage Rates

1 x 20kg Bag = 0.01 cubic metres
100 x 20kg Bags = 1.0m cubic metres