Specialised washed and graded sands and gravels for a variety of construction and landscaping applications.

Construction & Synthetic Turf Sand

Construction & Synthetic Turf Sand

Designed to keep your synthetic grass looking fresh. Read more.

Landscaping and Drainage Gravel

Designed to fill in behind retaining walls, aid irrigation or provide a decorative filler between paving stones in gardens and courtyards. Read more.

Paver Bedding & Screeding Sand

Specially graded sand for mixing with cement for in tile screeds to provide a stable base when tiling and for bedding material under pavers. Read more.

Brickies Sand Premix

A specially graded fine sand with a trowelling additive, to create an easy-to-use and flowable mortar. Read more.

Paver Bond

A blend of specially graded sands and additives formulated to provide a far more superior bond than natural sand between pavers. Read more.