Technical Data Sheets and MSDS

GP Cement Datasheet MSDS
GB Builders Cement Datasheet MSDS
Mortar Datasheet MSDS
Mortar Aid Datasheet MSDS
Post Mix Concrete Datasheet MSDS
Concrete Datasheet MSDS
Super Strength Concrete Datasheet MSDS
Rapid Set Concrete Datasheet MSDS
Quick Set High Strength Concrete Datasheet MSDS
Cement and Mortar Colours Datasheet
Cement and Mortar Colours (Red) MSDS
Cement and Mortar Colours (Black) MSDS
Cement and Mortar Colours (Tan) MSDS
Cement and Mortar Colours (Light Brown) MSDS
Cement and Mortar Colours (Honey) MSDS
Cement and Mortar Colours (Chocolate) MSDS
Cement and Mortar Colours (Buff) MSDS
Double Washed River Sand Datasheet MSDS
Paver Joint Filling Sand Datasheet MSDS
Drainage Gravel Datasheet MSDS
Coarse Gravel Datasheet MSDS
Quick Set Sand and Cement Datasheet MSDS
Tiler's Coarse Sand Datasheet MSDS
Brickies Sand Datasheet MSDS
Paver Bond Datasheet MSDS
Under Tile Screed Datasheet MSDS
Prime and Bind Datasheet MSDS
Water Plug Datasheet

Frequently Asked Questions


What volume does 20kg make?

0.01 of a cubic metre

What is the strength of the mix?

The strength of the concrete mix at 28 days is 25MPa.


What volume does the bag make?

The same volume as the Concrete Mix

What is the use?

CAN be used in structural application.

What is the strength?

Due to the quick setting nature of product, early strength is not guaranteed.

Can it be used with Aluminum products?

Not to be mixed used dry set method only.

Not to be used with Aluminium Products


Where can this be used?

For use in general mortar applications.


Should I use GP or GB (Builders cement) for laying bricks

Either can be used for laying bricks both have good strength. Builders has better workability

Is there a colour difference between GP and GB

GP will be slightly darker grey than Builders cement which will be quite a creamish finish

Easy Render

Where can this be used?

On all clean bricks, blocks & concrete panels.

Where can't it be used?

Blueboard (special render), painted surfaces, inside fire places.

Can we colour the render?

Yes, coloured oxides are available.

Do I have to add a bonding agent?

No, this is already in the render mix.

How long before it is dry?

This depends upon the weather conditions. Tape a piece of plastic over a small area and if there is no moisture under the plastic after 24 hours the render is dry.

Can I paint the render?

Yes, wait until it is dry and then paint


How much do I need?

8% by weight of the cement content will give maximum colour.

I want a lighter shade?

For lighter shades, reduce the oxide weight

Why can't I match the colour
I have seen else where?

This will depend upon the kind of cement & sand or lime used, theamount and type of oxide used in the mix and the drying conditions.

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