NatureScape loves your garden just as much as you do.

NatureScape Organic Sugar Cane Mulch

Help your garden thrive with a bed of NatureScape Organic Sugar Cane Mulch. Provide added nutrition, soil insulation and moisture retention for healthy garden beds and potted plants.

Grown and sourced within Australia, it is a simple, cost effective and natural mulch that is perfect for all gardens and potted plants. The Organic Sugar Cane Mulch has been screened to eliminate dirt and dust.

How to use sugar cane mulch

  1. Pull out the weeds from the area being mulched
  2. For the first use of sugar cane in the garden we recommend spreading a layer to the depth of 40-100mm
  3. If you are re-mulching or toping up existing areas you will only need to spread a layer to the depth of 20-40mm
  4. Ensure the mulch doesn’t touch the stems of your plants
  5. Once spread, water in well to improve water retention and wind resistance.

Product Features

  • Conserves water in your garden – retaining moisture and improving moisture penetration
  • Minimises weed growth and germination
  • Helps to prevent soil compaction
  • Insulates your garden all year round – protecting your plants from extreme temperatures
  • Encourages earthworm activity and soil organisms
  • Provides an attractive finish to garden beds
  • Natural and renewable resource from sugar cane waste

Coverage Rates

For new mulch at a depth of 50mm, coverage is approximately 13 square metres.

As a mulch replenisher with an application depth of 25mm, coverage is approximately 26 square metres.

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