Easy Mix Rapid Set Concrete

Easy Mix Rapid Set Concrete is a premixed product that is ready to use and contains accurately weighed Portland cement, graded coarse sand, fine aggregates and quality additives. Rapid Set incorporates a non-chloride accelerator which ensures a far more rapid setting time when compared with standard concrete and is designed to rapidly harden without any mixing.

Because of its accelerated qualities, Easy Mix Rapid Set Concrete is ideal for pergola posts, fence posts, letterbox Posts, clotheslines, playground equipment and all other applications where a rapid setting concrete is required.

Due to its rapid setting qualities, Rapid Set Concrete is not suitable for slabs or jobs that require a smooth surface finish.

Qualities are:

  • Initial set in 15 minutes
  • Posts become self-standing after 15 minutes
  • Start nailing of rails and palings 2 hours after placement
  • 6 hours faster than Post Mix
  • Premix blend of high-quality products that you simply add water too
  • No compromise on strength

Note: Some structures may need formal approval – see local council for details.

Product Availability

20kg Bags
30kg Bags
48 bags per pallet and mixed pallets are available.


Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
How to Install a Post flyer

Please contact the Easy Mix team for more information.

Available in weather resistant waterproof packaging in Bunnings throughout Queensland.


Easy Mix Rapid Set Concrete
Suggested Applications
  • Pergola Posts
  • Fence Posts
  • Letterbox
  • Clothesline
  • Swings
  • Garden Lights
  • Playground Equipment


Coverage Rates

Each 20kg bag contains approximately 10 litres of Rapid Set Concrete.

  • 1x 10kg Bag = 0.0005m³
  • 200x 10kg Bags = 1.0m³
  • 1x 20kg Bag = 0.01m³
  • 100x 20kg Bags = 1.0m³
  • 1x 30kg Bag = 0.0151m³
  • 66x 30kg Bags = 1.0m³

Note: Use approximately two 20kg bags of Rapid Set Concrete per post hole.