Coverage Rates

1 (20kg) bag + 6.7kg cement + 5.4L water = mortar

Easy Mix Brickies Loam Premix

Easy Mix Brickies Loam is a specially graded fine sand and clay blend designed for making great mortar.

Combine with Easy Mix GP cement to create an easy to use, flowable mortar.

Product Features

  • Double washed to remove impurities
  • Specially graded for consistency in size
  • Special additives to create an easy trowelling formula

Suggested Application

  • Mix with cement to create mortar

Product availability

20kg Bags

And also at any leading hardware stores.

DIY Tips

How to build a brick or block wall

Follow our step by step guide on building a brick or block wall with Easy Mix Mortar. The factory mixed and quality assured mortars are ideal for all brick or block applications.¬†Watch the video to find out the steps you…