Easy Mix Quick Set Sand & Cement

Our Easy Mix Quick Set Sand and Cement provides excellent consistency for all brick, block, plumbing and electrical projects. With a smooth, workable formula that is easy to apply its idea for quick installations of masonry walls, minor repairs to concrete in domestic areas and plumbing installations.  Simply add water to or Easy Mix Quick Set and you have a fast setting mortar that sets in approximately 20-30 minutes (@ 25oC).


  • Provides a fast workable consistency that’s easy to work with
  • A quality formula that’s easy to shape
  • Sets within 15 minutes of mixing at temperatures under 25°C and 10 minutes if the temperature is over 25°C
  • A pre-blended mix of high-quality sand and cement
  • Simple add water to create the perfect quick set mortar mix.

Product Availability

20kg Bag
48 bags per pallet and mixed pallets are available


Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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Easy Mix Quick Set Sand & Cement
Suggested Applications
  • Brick and masonry walls
  • Minor repairs to concrete (residential)
  • Plumbing and electrical installations
Coverage Rates

Each 20kg bag of Easy Mix Quick Set Sand and Cement produces approximately 11 litres of workable mortar.

  • Clay Bricks
    20kg of product lays up to 26 Bricks
    (52 Bricks = 1m2)
  • Standard Blocks
    20kg of product lays up to 15 Blocks
    (12.5 Standard Blocks = 1m2)