Easy Mix Water Plug

Technical Data

Safety Data

Our Easy Mix Water Plug is a rapid setting, cement based, impermeable plugging mortar
that is used for water leaks and seepage in concrete and masonry substrates.  Once set it is ready for subsequent application of a suitable waterproofing membrane within 3-5 minutes (at normal temperatures).



  • It is suitable for internal and external leaks in cracks or joints
  • Rapid sealing of fast flowing water leaks and water seepage in concrete, concrete block walls, brickwork, earthenware and all types of stone and masonry surfaces.
  • Emergency repairs for concrete water pipes (even when under pressure).
  • Emergency plugging of gas leaks.
  • Anchoring bolts and other accessories that require immediate use.
  • Underground basements, tunnels and sewers – to stop water under pressure.


Product Availability

5kg Bucket
Please contact the Easy Mix team for more information.




Easy Mix Water Plug
Suggested Applications
  • Pressure leaks in concrete, brickwork, earthenware or stone.
  • Slow seepage in concrete, brickwork earthenware or stone.
  • Anchoring bolts for immediate use