Construction & Synthetic Turf Sand

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Designed as a stabiliser for synthetic grass to keep it looking fresh!  Our double washed and kiln dried to remove clay, silt and impurities, Easy Mix Construction & Synthetic Turf Sand is mould and organic matter free (making it more hygienic).

Because it is so clean, it is easy to distribute when using as a synthetic grass infill as it doesn’t clump or generate unnecessary dust.

Being a kiln-dried product it offers maximum value – compared with wet sand products which can contain up to 10% (2kg) of water.

The particle size of 0.2-0.6mm its flowability creates a smooth, workable texture for grouts and renders.

Brush into the base of synthetic turf to keep grass blades upright and natural looking.

We recommend a thin even distribution throughout the top of your fresh turf when you install it. Use a seed hopper or shovel to distribute initially, and then broom through evenly until you cannot see the sand.

Your turf will thank you!


Qualities are:

  • Double washed to remove dust, clay, and dirt
  • Kiln dried for a quick, clean & clump free placement
  • Broom through evenly to keep grass blades upright
  • Australian made
  • 20kg weather friendly plastic packaging

Product Availability

20kg Bags
1-tonne Bulk Bags
48 bags per pallet and mixed pallets are available.
Please contact the Easy Mix team for more information.


Available at Bunnings throughout Queensland



Easy Mix Construction & Synthetic Turf Sand
Suggested Applications
  • Concrete or mortar mixtures
  • Laying Synthetic Turf
  • Playgrounds and sandpits
  • Filling gaps between pavers
Coverage Rates

One 20kg bag fills approximately 3.5m² of pavers (at 3mm gap width).