Paver Bedding & Screeding Sand

Technical Data
Safety Data

Specially graded coarse sand for mixing with cement providing a stable screed when tiling and laying under pavers! 
Double washed to remove impurities such as clay and silt, and then kiln dried to eliminate mould and organic matter while reducing the likelihood of tile screeds cracking.

Additionally being a kiln-dried product it offers maximum value compared with wet sand products which can contain up to 10% (2kg) of water.

Specially sieved 0.4mm – 1.3mm particle size sand provides a flexible base that allows for easy moving and positioning of pavers.

Once pavers are laid add Easy Mix Paver Bond a polymeric sand to deter weeds and ants

It’s also suitable for adding to pot plant mixes. 


Qualities are:

  • Intensively sieved, double washed to remove fine particles and clay
  • Kiln dried for quick, clean & clump free placement
  • Factory processed & sized to minimise shrinkage cracking in cement screeds
  • Ideal for drainage & filtering applications
  • Australian made
  • 20kg weather friendly plastic packaging


How to Lay and Fill Pavers


Product Availability

20kg Bags
1 Tonne Bulk Bags
48 bags per pallet and mixed pallets are available.
Please contact the Easy Mix team for more information.


Available at Bunnings throughout Queensland.




Easy Mix Paver Bedding & Screeding Sand
Suggested Applications
  • Under tile screed
  • Provides a flexible and stabilised base that allows for easy moving and positioning of pavers