Post Mix Concrete

Easy Mix Post Mix Concrete is a premixed product containing accurately weighed Portland cement, specially graded aggregates and quality admixtures. It is specifically designed for simple, non-structural concrete work where the surface finish is not important.

It is recommended for fence posts, clothes lines, garden lights, letterbox posts, swings and all other applications where embedding a post or object is required.


Easy Mix Concrete is a convenient, pre-blended mix of dry aggregates, specially graded sands and cement that achieves a fully cured strength rating of 25MPa.

It is ideal for applications that require a smooth, quality finish such as small slabs, paths, footings and garden edges but can also be used for securing letterboxes, fence posts, light posts and clothes lines.

Super Strength Concrete

Easy Mix Super Strength Concrete is a premixed 55MPa concrete product containing accurately weighed Portland cement, specially graded coarse and fine aggregates, and quality admixtures.

Due to its strength qualities, Super Strength Concrete is ideal for commercial slabs, reinforced foundations, residential driveways and all other applications requiring a high strength concrete.

Super Strength 55MPa Concrete