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What is mpa in concrete?

MPa is the abbreviation of Megapascal which is a unit of measure for pressure.  In concrete it defines the weight/load that the concrete can hold.

Can I add more water so that the concrete is easier to work with?

The water content has been specifically calibrated to the bag size so adding more or less water than recommended amount will reduce the performance of the concrete.

What volume does 20kg make?

0.01 of a cubic metre.

What is the strength of the mix?

The strength of the concrete mix at 28 days is 25MPa.

What is the difference between the dry method and wet method?

Using Rapid Set Concrete with the dry method is great for when a fast set time is required, as the initial set time is in 15 minutes. For a higher compressive strength, use the wet method.

Why do I need to put a base layer on a post?

The 100mm base layer provides a greater surface area for weight of the post to be distributed across, so your post wont sink over time.

Can I use rapid set for core filling a retaining wall?

Not ideal as you need to ensure there is no air in the mix, using standard concrete will allow you more time to work the concrete into the hollows and ensure there is no air before it starts to set.

Can I tap a post into place if I have used rapid set

Rapid Set is a fast cure concrete and will quickly secure objects in place, however, it should not be disturbed until 2hrs after the water has initially been added.

Where can this be used?

For use in general mortar applications.

Should I use GP or GB (Builders cement) for laying bricks

Either can be used for laying bricks both have good strength. Builders has better workability

Is there a colour difference between GP and GB

GP will be slightly darker grey than Builders cement which will be quite a creamish finish

Where can this be used?

On all clean bricks, blocks & concrete panels.

Where can’t it be used?

Blueboard (special render), painted surfaces, inside fire places.

Can we colour the render?

Yes, coloured oxides are available.

Do I have to add a bonding agent?

No, this is already in the render mix.

How long before it is dry?

This depends upon the weather conditions. Tape a piece of plastic over a small area and if there is no moisture under the plastic after 24 hours the render is dry.

Can I paint the render?

Yes, wait until it is dry and then paint

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