Rapid set concrete for fast and easy results

Our rapid-set mix is perfect for whenever you’re in a rush or when you want to allocate extra time to other aspects of your building project. Simply mix, apply and let dry with our stress-free, easy and simple premixes.

When to use fast dry concrete

Everyone’s in a rush these days. Our fast-drying solution is here to save you (and your team) essential time which could be redirected to more interesting and structurally integral tasks.

If you’re looking for a quick fix or non-structural uses, our Rapid Set mix is perfect for posts and clothing line bases. It’s also the best option if you need to make a quick repair or want to smooth over an area that has already been completed for aesthetic or cosmetic purposes.

If you’re looking to create load-bearing foundations, DIY slabs or other large, durable essential surfaces in a construction site, speak to our experts about our range of concrete solutions.

Everything you need to know about fast-setting concrete

Our pre-mixes are great for amateurs and professionals alike, and they come pre-mixed so all you have to do is add water and apply.

We’ve even gone ahead and created a shortlist of tips to ensure that the use of our product is followed by easy application and a quality finish. Read on to ensure optimal results.

Tip 1 – Remember, it sets quickly

Our rapid setting mix is easy to use because of its rapid setting time… but it’s important to remember that it will set very quickly – so we recommend only mixing what can be installed within ten minutes of mixing.

Make sure the area to which you will apply the concrete is prepped and ready for you to begin. Get your gloves and application tools ready so that you’ll be able to go from bucket to blade efficiently.

Tip 2 – Waiting is key

We recommend leaving the concrete for a minimum of 2 hours to cure before continuing with the next stage of your project. Ideally, if you’re setting a post, you’ll want to wait either 5 or 7 hours before you start nailing the fence palings.

This ensures that the compressive strength of the concrete is at a level where it can start to bear load.

Tip 3 – Wet vs dry method

Using our dry method, the product can be placed around posts with water poured on top. No mixing is required, and it contains a unique accelerator. This allows for faster placement of posts.

To achieve higher compressive strength, our wet method will provide a much better result. Simply mix with water prior to placement.

Product Features

  • Initial set in 15 minutes
  • Ideal for trade and home applications
  • Start nailing of rails and palings 6 hours after placement

Suggested Application

  • Pergola Posts
  • Fence Posts
  • Letterbox
  • Clothesline
  • Swings
  • Garden Lights
  • Playground Equipment

Product availability

20kg bags

30kg bags

Coverage Rates

1 bag (20kg) = 0.01 cubic metre

100 bags (20kg) = 1 cubic metre

And also at any leading hardware stores.

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