Coverage Rates

1 bag (20kg) = 0.01 cubic metre
100 bags (20kg) = 1 cubic metre

Easy Mix Post Mix Concrete

Easy Mix Post Mix Concrete is a premixed blend of Portland cement, fly ash, gravels and sand. Designed for simple, non-structural concrete work providing a sturdy base for posts and poles.

It isn’t suitable for slabs or jobs that require a smooth surface finish.

  • Ideal for post-installation

Suggested Application

  • Fence posts
  • Letterboxes
  • Garden lights

Product availability

20kg bags

30kg bags

DIY Tips

How to install a post

Easy Mix produces a range of concrete products designed to make post-installation simple. Whether you are installing a post letterbox or fence, you need to get the job done in a day or are looking for something that can withstand…