Coverage Rates

1 bag (20kg) of screed covers approximately 1m² at a thickness of 10mm

Easy Mix Traditional Floor Screed

Easy Mix Traditional Floor Screed is specially formulated for mixing with water and then applying to the floor to provide a strong screed underlay for the subsequent laying of tiles, carpets and vinyl flooring.

A factory mixed formulation of double washed and graded coarse sands and cement to provide a strong, crack-free base.

The secret to the superior performance of this product is in the care and effort we take in the three-step process to produce appropriately sized sand particles. We only use the hard rounded sand particles that have been formed from the ancient river bed systems that created our Eagleby sand deposit. We first separate the coarser component of the sand from the fines. The coarse component is then transferred to an up-flow sand classifier for refinement and then subsequently kiln dried and sieved prior to mixing and bagging to form the final Screed product

Using this sand in the screed allows tilers to minimise cracking issues that have been known to occur where less stringently processed sands with agglomerated particles or dust have been used.

You will be able to find our floor screed products for purchase in Bunnings stores across Queensland as well as Byron Bay, Ballina and Lismore.


  • Includes rounded and hard sand particles that are graded to set sizes
  • Double washed sand to remove the majority of clay fines to reduce water demand and shrinkage
  • Factory blended formula to provide a constant and consistent performance all year long
  • Easy to carry around job sites or crane/transfer up on multi-story buildings
  • Packaged product eliminates the handling issues and mess of having loose sand on job sites

Suggested Application

  • Levelling and smoothing internal flooring bases
  • Balconies
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundries
  • Base for placement of tiles, vinyl, timber and carpet

Product availability

20kg bag

And also at any leading hardware stores.

DIY Tips

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