Coverage Rates

1 bag (20kg) mortar lays up to 26 clay bricks | 52 clay bricks = 1m²

1 bag (20kg) mortar lays up to 15 blocks | 12.5 blocks = 1m²

Easy Mix M4 Construction Site White Mortar

Complies with AS 3799 Masonry Structures – Class M4 Mortar Composition.

Easy Mix M4 Construction Site White Mortar is a blend of white Portland Cement, white sand and hydrated lime. It is designed for use with light coloured bricks or to provide a tasteful contrast for coloured bricks and blocks.

This preblended, white mortar provides excellent workability for professional bricklaying and can also be used by the home handyperson.

It is suitable for all brickwork and blockwork.

  • Consistent white colour
  • Just add water – all additives and brickies loam are prepacked for ease of carrying
  • 20kg bags are easy to deliver to and store on site
  • Replaces messy sand piles and bulk bags
  • Easier to move to upper floor levels
  • No waste – take extra bags to next job sit
  • Factory mixed, quality assured for consistent performance all year long
  • Code compliant: AS 3799 Masonry Structures – Class M4 Mortar Composition
  • Provides peace of mind for builder and project owner

Suggested Application

  • Decorative projects
  • Retaining walls
  • Barbecues
  • Letter boxes
  • Garden beds
  • Brick walls
  • Block walls
  • Residential and commercial use

Product availability

20kg bags

And also at any leading hardware stores.

DIY Tips

How to build a brick or block wall

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