Coverage Rates

Bedding of pavers | 3 bags cover 1m² at a depth of 40mm

Under tile screed | 3 bags of sand + 1 bag of cement = 1m² at a depth of 30mm

Easy Mix Paver Bedding & Screeding Sand

Easy Mix Paver Bedding & Screeding Sand is a double washed and 0.4-1.3mm coarse sand designed for bedding of pavers and for mixing with cement to make an under-tile floor screed.

Bedding of pavers

For paving applications, the similar sized coarse sand particles move under pressure to allow you to move or reposition pavers during placement with ease.

It is washed to remove impurities such as clay and silt, and then kiln-dried to eliminate mould and organic matter, ensuring a clean, dust-free product.

Under Tile Screeds

The 0.4-1.3mm grading of the sand is ideal for creating cement screeds that are strong and crack resistant. Mix the sand with cement at the ratio of 4 parts sand to one part cement. Add water, mix and then place.

  • Intensively washed and sieved to remove clay and fine particles
  • Kiln-dried for quick, clean and clump-free placement
  • Factory processed and sized to minimise shrinkage cracking in cement screeds
  • Ideal for drainage and filtering applications

Suggested Application

For bedding of pavers

For making under-tile floor screeds

Product availability

20kg bags

And also at any leading hardware stores.

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