Easy Mix Water Plug

Emergency repairs of pressure leaks in masonry type substrates.

Easy Mix Water Plug is a rapid setting, cement-based, impermeable water plugging mortar that is designed for resolving water leaks and seepage in concrete and masonry substrates.  Sets within 3-5 minutes (at normal temperature) and is ready for subsequent application of suitable waterproofing membranes.

Product Features

  • Rapidly seals internal and external leaks in masonry cracks or joints

Suggested Application

  • Seals leaks in concrete, brickwork, earthenware or stone.
  • Emergency repairs of pressure leaks in masonry type substrates
  • Preventing slow seepage in concrete, brickwork earthenware or stone.
  • Anchoring bolts for immediate use

Product availability

5kg Bucket

And also at any leading hardware stores.

DIY Tips

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