Coverage Rates

1 (20kg) bag covers approx 3.5m² of turf

Easy Mix Synthetic Turf Infill Sand

Easy Mix Construction & Synthetic Turf Sand has a small particle size, is double washed and kiln-dried to remove impurities such as dust, clay and dirt.

With a controlled particle size of 0.2-0.6mm, this dried sand can be easily spread over the surface of synthetic turf. The sand fills around the base of the blades of the grass and helps keep them in a vertical position to simulate the look of healthy natural grass. Its subtle tan colour means that it fades into the background to allow the green grass look to dominate.


  • The particle size of 0.2mm – 0.6mm is ideal for synthetic turf
  • Double washed to remove dust, clay, and dirt
  • Kiln-dried for a quick, clean & clump free placement

Suggested Application

  • Synthetic turf infill
  • Playgrounds and sandpits
  • Potting mix

Product availability

20kg Bags

And also at any leading hardware stores.

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