All our concrete products have been developed with one solution in mind, an easy, convenient, reliable, fit-for-purpose high-quality performance-based product that’s easy to use.


Easy Mix Concrete

Easy Mix Concrete

A convenient, pre-blended concrete that achieves a fully cured strength rating of 25MPa. Read more.

Easy Mix Rapid Set Concrete

Easy Mix Rapid Set Concrete

A premixed, rapid setting product designed for setting posts that contains a special blend of Portland cement, graded coarse, fine aggregates and a non-chloride accelerator. Read more.

Easy Mix Post Mix Concrete

Easy Mix Post Mix concrete

A dry mix product containing Portland cement, specially graded aggregates and quality admixtures designed for setting posts. Read more.

Easy Mix 32MPa Quick Set Concrete

Easy Mix Quick Set High Strength Concrete 32MPa

A 32MPa bagged product containing accurately weighed Portland cement, graded coarse and fine aggregates and quality admixtures. Read more.

Easy Mix 55MPa Super Strength Concrete

Easy Mix Concrete Super Strength 55MPa

A premium high strength 55MPa concrete product ideal for structural work. Read more.