Install a post

The quickest way to install a post

Easy Mix produce a range of concrete products designed to make post installation simple. Whether you are installing a post letterbox or fence, need to get the job done in a day, or are looking for something that can withstand a bit of extra strength, we have the solution for you.

Easy Mix Post Mix is ideal for standard posts, with a regular setting time. Suitable for larger projects where budget is a priority.
Easy Mix Rapid Set is designed to get your job completed on the same day. This rapid setting concrete allows you to continue your project on the same day that your posts are installed without compromising on strength. Ideal for weekend projects.
Easy Mix Quick Set High Strength Concrete is the next step up. Ideal for applications requiring heavy duty use, such as corner and gate posts or structural foundations for pergolas and garden settings. With an ultra fast setting time you can progress onto the next stage of your project sooner.

In this example we will show you how to use Easy Mix Rapid Set Concrete (our most popular post product) using the ‘dry method’.
This low mess option is extremely simple, requiring little cleanup.

Before You Start

Calculate the size of the hole you will need.

Width = twice the width of the post (e.g. 100mm x 100mm post requires a 200mm x 200mm hole).
Depth = 33% of the length of the post (e.g. 2m long post requires 660mm hole depth).

What You Will Need


  • Spade or long handled shovel
  • Crow bar or post hole auger
  • Spirit level or plumb line
  • String line
  • Tape measure
  • Bracing and clamps


  • Easy Mix Rapid Set Concrete
  • Water

Coverage Rates

Each 20kg bag of Easy Mix Rapid Set Concrete contains approximately 10 litres of mixed concrete.

  • 1x 20kg Bag = 0.01m3
  • 100x 20kg Bags = 1.0m3

Note: Use approximately two 20kg bags per standard fence post hole.


  1. Prepare hole. Hole width should be twice the diameter of the post and the hole depth is one third of the post length.
  2. Thoroughly wet hole. Avoid ‘pooling’ of water at the base. Add 100mm of Rapid Set Concrete to base of hole before
    placing post.
  3. Insert post into hole.  If needed, use clamps and timber to brace posts in position, making sure they
    are level. Use a plumb line or level to check.
  4. Add the required amount of concrete into the hole around the post. Check that the post is still level. 
  5. Pour approximately 2.5 litres of water for every 20kg bag on top of the concrete.
  6. Tamp the mix to make sure the concrete is firmly packed.

Note: for best strength and fastest curing, do not touch/move the Rapid Set mixture after placement. Allow to cure for a minimum of two hours before continuing to the next construction stage.


Warm and/or humid environments will reduce the working time of this product. In adverse weather conditions, keep the material cool and use cold or chilled water when mixing. This product should not be used in ambient temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius.

Download How to Install a Post Information Sheet

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