How to lay Crushed Bluestone

Learn how to use crushed bluestone as a foundation base with this easy step by step guide.

When laying any groundwork around your home, whether that be for a concrete slab or artificial turf, it is essential to create a solid base.

Crushed Bluestone is a specially graded mix of crushed fine aggregate which when compacted, provides the ideal foundation for a range of subsequent materials such as synthetic turf. These specially graded stones are optimal for compaction, allowing for greater strength and minimal movement in a foundation.

What you will need

  • Easy Mix Crushed Bluestone
  • Shovel
  • Hose
  • Vibrating compactor (available for hire from Bunnings Warehouse or your local hardware store)
  • Tape measure
  • Timber (for boxing)
  • Hammer, saw and nails

Step 1. Measure the space

To understand how much Crushed Bluestone or crusher dust you will need, it is essential to measure the space and calculate how many square metres it is. Use the calculation below to calculate the size of your space.

Square metres = length x width

The coverage rates for Easy Mix Crushed Blue Stone are listed below. It is typically five bags per square metre.

  • 1x 20kg bag = 0.2 square metre
  • 5x 20kg bag = 1 square metre
  • 50x 20kg bag= 10 square metres

Step 2: Preparing the area

Before laying your Crushed Bluestone, you will need to dig out your area and create a nice and even base. Make sure to clear any rock and debris. Prepare an area that is 70-80mm deep to allow for a layer of Crushed Bluestone and any subsequent layers of landscape or construction materials.

Step 3: Prepare the base

Once your area is prepared, it is time to add a layer of Crushed Bluestone. You will need to spread the product at a depth of approximately 60mm. You will need to use a shovel to disperse a layer of Crushed Bluestone evenly

The Crushed Bluestone needs to be compacted. To ensure that the Crushed Bluestone is compacted tightly and evenly, we recommend that you use a compactor. These are available for hire from your local Bunnings or hardware store.

Compact the entire surface until an even finish has been achieved. You will then need to lightly dampen the entire surface with water. Compact the Bluestone one more time, paying attention to any high or low spots to make sure it is level and tightly compacted.

Once you are happy with the levels of the ground, you can move onto laying synthetic turf, pavers, laying a concrete slab or whatever your project may be. Check out our other ‘Tips & Tricks’ for further guidance for your projects.

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How to lay Crushed Bluestone

Learn how to use crushed bluestone as a foundation base with this easy step by step guide. When laying any…