How to build a brick or block wall

Follow our step by step guide on building a brick or block wall with Easy Mix Mortar.

The factory mixed and quality assured mortars are ideal for all brick or block applications. Watch the video to find out the steps you need to follow along with good suggestions on how to avoid the most common problems.

What You Will Need

  • Easy Mix Mortar or M4 Construction Site White Mortar
  • Bricks or blocks
  • Potable (clean) water
  • Mixing board or wheelbarrow
  • Spirit level
  • String line
  • Tape measure
  • Brickie’s trowel
  • Joint raking tool
  • Measuring jug
  • Brick bolster (for end pieces)

Before you Start

The first step is to work out how many bricks and mortar you need. Work out the intended height and length of your wall, and use the below equation to work out the materials you need.

Bricks = (length x height) / 50

Bags of mortar = # bricks / 25

Prepare the footing 

Before you begin, you need to prepare a stable footing. Click here to see how to install and lay a slab.

Guide for placement 

Prepare and mark out where you wish to place your wall on your footing. Either set up string lines to guide placement of your bricks or draw perpendicular guides on the slab.

Mix the Mortar

On a mixing board or wheelbarrow, slowly add approximately 2 litres of water to half a 20kg bag of mortar. Use a shovel to mix until the right consistency is achieved – a stiff even mix is best.

Note: Excess water can ruin good mortar. Should your mortar become too ‘wet’ put the mixture aside for a few minutes to let it thicken.

Lay the bricks or blocks 

Spread a 25mm thick coating of mortar along the footing, the approximate length of 3 – 4 bricks/blocks. Position an end or corner block first and tap into place with the trowel handle. Spread the mortar along the end of the next brick/block and position. Leave a 10mm joint space.

Leave mortar out of some of the vertical joints in the first course to allow drainage from behind the wall. Check as you go with a spirit level for horizontal and vertical accuracy. Adjust if necessary by tapping with the trowel handle, and scrape off excess mortar with an upward sweep of the trowel.

Repeat until all rows are finished. After laying 3 – 4 courses, or as mortar begins to set, use a joint raking tool to rake joints and compress the mortar.


While the wall may seem firm to touch within hours, it will not reach full strength for up to 28 days. The wall should be kept damp for seven days (or 14 days for retaining walls that are not back filled) to help hardening.


Video tutorial

How to build a brick or block wall

Follow our step by step guide on building a brick or block wall with Easy Mix Mortar. The factory mixed…