Installing an Under Tile Screed

Let us take the mystery out of learning how to lay tiles with our simple step by step guide to installing an under tile screed for shower bases and wet areas.

Not many people realise that before you tile a floor, it is important to lay a bed of screed to ensure your finished floor is levelled correctly. It is particularly important for bathrooms, as an incorrectly levelled floor will cause water runoff to pool on the floor rather than run into the installed drainage point. Easy Mix Traditional Floor Screed is available in convenient pre-mixed 20kg bags which makes your project simple and efficient.

What You Will Need


  • Spirit level
  • A screed or straight edged piece of timber
  • Bucket or wheelbarrow
  • Drill or paddle mixer
  • A wooden or polyurethane float


  • Easy Mix Traditional Floor Screed
  • Easy Mix Prime & Bind
  • Potable (clean) water

Preparing the Substrate

All substrates must be completely solid, dry, structurally sound and free from loose particles. Highly absorbent substrates should be primed with a latex bonding agent. All masonry and cementitious substrates must be primed at the rate of two parts water to one part Easy Mix Prime & Bind, prior to installation of Easy Mix Traditional Floor Screed.


Each 20kg bag of Traditional Floor Screed will cover approximately 1m2 at a thickness of 10mm.

Movement Joints

It is essential that movement joints are carried through the tile, adhesive and screed, and are kept free from dust, adhesive and other contaminants.


Add one litre of clean water and one litre of Easy Mix Prime & Bind per 20kg of Screed to a clean bucket. Mix contents together using a high speed drill mixer on a low speed, until the screed is smooth and homogenous.

Applying Screed

Place the mixed product onto the area to be ‘screeded’ and screed to the desired thickness and plane using an appropriate straight-edge. Apply the desired surface finish using a wooden or polyurethane float. Discard any material that has exceeded the pot life or working time of the product.

Installing Tiles

Tiles may be installed immediately using the ‘Wet-Bed Method’ or with an appropriate tile adhesive once the screed has fully cured, (usually after seven days).

Download How to Install Under Tile Screed Information Sheet

  • Easy Mix Traditional Floor Screed
  • Easy Mix Prime & Bind bonding agent