Laying an exposed aggregate slab using Beachcrete

For the first time a DIY exposed aggregate has become available. A premium, pre-blended mix of dry aggregate, graded sands and cement, Easy Mix Beachcrete is specially designed to reveal an attractive, smooth, exposed aggregate surface that is gentle on bare feet. It is perfect for DIY exposed aggregate concrete for paths and slabs and can…

Laying and Filling Pavers

Paver bedding sand

Laying and filling pavers is easy with the Easy Mix range of landscaping sand and gravel products. Before You Start Calculate how many pavers you will need. Calculate the area to be paved (in square metres), by using this equation: length x width = m2 (e.g. 4m x 5m = 20m2). Calculate your road base requirements…

Installing an Under Tile Screed

How to lay screed

Let us take the mystery out of learning how to lay tiles with our simple step by step guide to installing an under tile screed for shower bases and wet areas. Not many people realise that before you tile a floor, it is important to lay a bed of screed to ensure your finished floor is…

Building a Brick or Block Wall

Easy Mix Mortar

Ever wondered how to lay build a brick wall? Keep reading! It’s easy to learn how to lay bricks or blocks and with the ultra convenient range of premixed Easy Mix Mortar products, we’ve made things even simpler. No need to calculate sand and cement ratios and add foaming agents to your mortar mix – Easy…

Laying a premix concrete path


Lay a concrete path quickly and easily with Easy Mix Concrete. Easy Mix Concrete is a convenient, pre-blended, 25MPa concrete mix that is ideal for small DIY project slabs, paths, footings and garden edges. Before You Start Mark out the size of the area and calculate how many bags of Easy Mix Concrete are required.…

Install a post

The quickest way to install a post Easy Mix produce a range of concrete products designed to make post installation simple. Whether you are installing a post letterbox or fence, need to get the job done in a day, or are looking for something that can withstand a bit of extra strength, we have the…

Build a Brick Letterbox

This series of videos shows you the secret to successfully building a brick letterbox. Follow us as we show you how to build an amazing brick letterbox from scratch.